Dan Swift



Phil Pickett
Ivor Novello Winning Songwriter.

Culture Club / Joe Cocker / Sheena Easton / Sailor

Having made or been associated with thousands of recordings over the years - a decent number of them hits - I’ve been lucky enough meeting Dan Swift more recently to discover that his thoughtful, creative and meticulous approach to making records these days is singularly unique.
Dan, who combines ‘old school’ technical excellence and knowledge with cutting-edge ‘zeitgeist’ modernity understands overall ‘sound’, its creation and realisation possibly more than anyone I’ve ever worked with
— phil pickett


John Davis
Mastering Engineer, Metropolis.

Led Zeppelin / U2 / REM / Blur / The Killers / Gorillaz / The XX / Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds / Primal Scream / Lana Del Rey / Royal Blood

Worked with Dan a lot over the years - Always chuffed to do his mastering - Basically because you don’t have to do anything - His mixes are fat, warm and sparkly . He’s a very talented man
— john davis


Neil O'Brien
Neil O'Brien Entertainment.

Stephen Stills & Judy Collins / Dave Davis / Lulu / UB40 / Dionne Warwick / Joe Bonamassa

Dan is a producer who approaches his work with a very objective view to completing a recording. He puts himself in the position of the musician and is always looking to realise something in sound and arrangement that they cannot always see.
— Neil O'Brien


Loyd Grossman CBE
Television Presenter, Gastronome & Musician.

Pork Dukes / Jet Bronx and the Forbidden / The New Forbidden

My band and I greatly enjoyed working with Dan. He talks and thinks like a musician and I found that his whole approach was stimulating and undogmatic. Importantly it was fun too and the results were great.
— loyd grossman

Jason Bick
Film Producer & Artist Manager.

‘20,000 Days on Earth’ / Bill Wyman feature doc ‘The Quiet One’ / ‘The Trigan Empire’ / ‘Sexton Blake’

In terms of his ability to carry out his role as a producer you can be assured you’re among the best in the business, its the rest of the package that makes him my go-to producer. He knows when to step in and when to back off, if you know what you want he’ll find that sweet spot to support you and if you find yourself drowning, he’ll pull you back up and navigate until you’re on solid ground again. That said he’s no yes man, if you want a kiss-arse, ego-massager go somewhere else, honesty delivered with a desert-dry wit and fierce intellect. With Dan Swift at the helm you’ve either met your match or you need to work harder and, he’ll make you and your music sound that little bit better than you deserve
— Jason Bick


Dan Levers
Mercury Nominated Musician.

The Comet Is Coming / Soccor96

Dan has a curious ability to connect you to years of music lineage through a sort of Jungian collective unconscious, subsequently raising your confidence and bringing out your creative voice to a distilled, crystalline form. Swifty managed to do what no other producer or engineer has ever done, convinced us to work hard on a song - from an embryonic phase to completion and to push through difficult creative moments to make a song that sounds the most like itself that it possibly can. We were encouraged passionately, diligently and excitedly by a man using his years of experience, tact and musical knowledge to push us to our limits. To put it simply, Swifty is a masterful companion to any music maker who wants to sculpt and develop their songs to the next level
— Dan Levers


James Stringfellow
Founder/Owner at Brighton Electric Studios.

Royal Blood / British Sea Power / Thousand Yard Stare / Noisettes / Blood Red Shoes

‘I have worked with Dan for many years & he is both an excellent producer & outstanding mix engineer. I thoroughly recommend him for your next project’
— james stringfellow


Dan Ceh
WHO Collective.

Dan Swift is not only technically brilliant at the art of producing and engineering musical compositions but has the natural flair to be able to conceptualise artists visions. Having had the pleasure of working with Dan on three separate projects, I have enormous respect for him and his ability to deliver (on time and on budget) musical brilliance way above my and my artist’s expectations
— Dan Ceh


Jimi Wheelwright
Brighton Electric Studios.

Dan Swift has been working with us at Brighton Electric for many years & with him; fantastic clients, a high level of professionalism & many a good story. He ran the recording studio for a spell & since then, has done regular tracking and mixing work at the facility to this day
— Jimi Wheelwright


Mukul Jain
Ferris Wheel Studios, New Dehi.

We look forward to the days Dan hits our studio. One the of best producers to take the desk at Ferris Wheel Studios, his workflow is extremely effective and without shortcuts. From mixing to monitor/prelimanry mixes to actually hitting record, he undertakes it all with a masterful approach. His magic begins right at the recording stage and his mixes are exceptionally true to the artist’s vision. A proper producer through and through, as long as the coffee doesn’t run out
— Mukul Jain

Jack Edwards
Lead Guitar, Piston.

Dan is hands down the best producer I have ever worked with. He captured the sound and the energy of the band like no other! He is the sixth member of Piston, he pushed us beyond what we thought was imaginable and we will forever be grateful for his work! I think it’s time for the next record?
— Jack Edwards